Commit 0dd032e1 by Dudás Ádám

storage: fix remote task parameters

parent c980e3ae
...@@ -12,15 +12,15 @@ def create(disk_desc): ...@@ -12,15 +12,15 @@ def create(disk_desc):
@celery.task(name='storagedriver.delete') @celery.task(name='storagedriver.delete')
def delete(json_data): def delete(path):
pass pass
@celery.task(name='storagedriver.snapshot') @celery.task(name='storagedriver.snapshot')
def snapshot(json_data): def snapshot(disk_desc):
pass pass
@celery.task(name='storagedriver.get') @celery.task(name='storagedriver.get')
def get(json_data): def get(path):
pass pass
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