Commit 124c1e7b by Oláh István Gergely

dashboard: fix in NodeDetail removetraits

parent b8c96939
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<dt>{% trans "Node name" %}:</dt><dd>{{ }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "CPU cores" %}:</dt><dd>{{ node.num_cores }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "RAM size" %}:</dt> <dd>{% widthratio node.ram_size 1048576 1 %} MB</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Architecture" %}:</td><dd>{{ node.arch }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Architecture" %}:</dt><dd>{{ node.arch }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Host IP" %}:</dt><dd>{{ }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Enabled" %}:</dt><dd>{{ node.enabled }}</dd>
<dt>{% trans "Host online" %}:</dt><dd> {{ }}</dd>
{% extends "dashboard/base.html" %}
{% load i18n %}
{% block content %}
<div class="body-content">
<div class="page-header">
......@@ -524,7 +524,7 @@ class NodeDetailView(LoginRequiredMixin, SuperuserRequiredMixin, DetailView):
if request.is_ajax():
return HttpResponse(
json.dumps({'message': message}),
return redirect(self.object.get_absolute_url())
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