Commit 221785a7 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: add doctest for magic method

parent 49359325
......@@ -174,8 +174,11 @@ class FilterMixin(object):
def create_fake_get(self):
self.request.GET = self._parse_get(self.request.GET)
def _parse_get(self, GET_dict):
Updates the request's GET dict to filter the vm list
Returns a new dict from request's GET dict to filter the vm list
For example: "name:xy node:1" updates the GET dict
to resemble this URL ?name=xy&node=1
......@@ -185,8 +188,17 @@ class FilterMixin(object):
whitespace, the first part of this list will be the previous key's
value, then last part of the list will be the next key.
The final dict looks like this: {'name': xy, 'node':1}
>>> f = FilterMixin()
>>> f._parse_get({'s': "hello"})
{u'name': u'hello', s': '...'}
>>> f._parse_get({'s': "name:hello owner:test"})
{u'owner': u'test', u'name': u'hello', 's': '...'}
>>> f._parse_get({'s': "name:hello with whitespace node:node 3 oh"})
{u'node': u'node 3 oh', u'name': u'hello with whitespace', 's': '...'}
s = self.request.GET.get("s")
s = GET_dict.get("s")
fake = GET_dict.copy()
if s:
s = s.split(":")
if len(s) < 2: # if there is no ':' in the string, filter by name
......@@ -201,11 +213,9 @@ class FilterMixin(object):
got[latest] = s[-1]
# generate a new GET request, that is kinda fake
fake = self.request.GET.copy()
for k, v in got.iteritems():
fake[k] = v
self.request.GET = fake
return fake
def create_acl_queryset(self, model):
cleaned_data = self.search_form.cleaned_data
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