Commit 251e4039 by Őry Máté

dashboard: add effect to operation buttons

parent 03ae1309
......@@ -526,6 +526,7 @@ class OperationView(DetailView):
template_name = 'dashboard/operate.html'
show_in_toolbar = True
effect = None
def name(self):
......@@ -587,9 +588,9 @@ class OperationView(DetailView):
return redirect("%s#activity" % self.object.get_absolute_url())
def factory(cls, op, icon='cog'):
def factory(cls, op, icon='cog', effect='info'):
return type(str(cls.__name__ + op),
(cls, ), {'op': op, 'icon': icon})
(cls, ), {'op': op, 'icon': icon, 'effect': effect})
def bind_to_object(cls, instance):
......@@ -670,6 +671,7 @@ class VmMigrateView(VmOperationView):
op = 'migrate'
icon = 'truck'
effect = 'info'
template_name = 'dashboard/_vm-migrate.html'
def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
......@@ -697,23 +699,23 @@ class VmSaveView(FormOperationMixin, VmOperationView):
vm_ops = OrderedDict([
('deploy', VmOperationView.factory(
op='deploy', icon='play')),
op='deploy', icon='play', effect='success')),
('wake_up', VmOperationView.factory(
op='wake_up', icon='sun')),
op='wake_up', icon='sun', effect='success')),
('sleep', VmOperationView.factory(
op='sleep', icon='moon')),
op='sleep', icon='moon', effect='info')),
('migrate', VmMigrateView),
('save_as_template', VmSaveView),
('reboot', VmOperationView.factory(
op='reboot', icon='refresh')),
op='reboot', icon='refresh', effect='warning')),
('reset', VmOperationView.factory(
op='reset', icon='bolt')),
op='reset', icon='bolt', effect='warning')),
('shutdown', VmOperationView.factory(
op='shutdown', icon='off')),
op='shutdown', icon='off', effect='warning')),
('shut_off', VmOperationView.factory(
op='shut_off', icon='ban-circle')),
op='shut_off', icon='ban-circle', effect='warning')),
('destroy', VmOperationView.factory(
op='destroy', icon='remove')),
op='destroy', icon='remove', effect='danger')),
('create_disk', VmCreateDiskView),
('download_disk', VmDownloadDiskView),
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