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locale: update Hungarian translation

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# This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
#, fuzzy
# , 2014.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"Project-Id-Version: \n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-05-07 14:25+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: YEAR-MO-DA HO:MI+ZONE\n"
"Last-Translator: FULL NAME <EMAIL@ADDRESS>\n"
"Language-Team: LANGUAGE <>\n"
"Language: \n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-05-07 15:32+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Mate Ory <>\n"
"Language-Team: Hungarian <>\n"
"Language: en_US\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
"X-Generator: Lokalize 1.5\n"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/dashboard.js:54
msgid "Select an option to proceed!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Válasszon a folytatáshoz."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:20
msgid "Prev"
msgstr "Előző"
msgstr "Vissza"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:22
msgid "Next"
msgstr "Következő"
msgstr "Tovább"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:26
msgid "End tour"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Befejezés"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:33
msgid "Template Tutorial Tour"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Sablon-kalauz"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:34
msgid ""
"Welcome to the template tutorial. In this quick tour, we gonna show you how "
"to do the steps described above."
msgstr ""
"Üdvözöli a sablon-kalauz. A túra során bemutatjuk, hogyan végezze el "
"a fenti lépéseket."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:35
msgid ""
"For the next tour step press the \"Next\" button or the right arrow (or "
"\"Back\" button/left arrow for the previous step)."
msgstr ""
"A következő lépéshez kattintson a \"Tovább\" gombra vagy használja "
"a nyílbillentyűket."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:36
msgid ""
"During the tour please don't try the functions because it may lead to "
"graphical glitches, however "
msgstr ""
msgstr "A túra során még ne próbálja ki a bemutatott funkciókat."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:45
msgid "Home tab"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Kezdőoldal"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:46
msgid ""
"In this tab you can tag your virtual machine and modify the name and "
msgstr ""
"Ezen a lapon címkéket adhat a virtuális géphez, vagy módosíthatja "
"a nevét, leírását."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:55
msgid "Resources tab"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Erőforrások lap"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:58
msgid ""
"On the resources tab you can edit the CPU/RAM options and add/remove disks!"
msgstr ""
"Az erőforrások lapon szerkesztheti a CPU/memória-beállításokat, valamint "
"hozzáadhat "
"és törölhet lemezeket."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:68
msgid "Resources"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Erőforrások"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:69
msgid "CPU priority"
msgstr ""
msgstr "CPU prioritás"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:69
msgid "higher is better"
msgstr ""
msgstr "a nagyobb érték a jobb"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:70
msgid "CPU count"
msgstr ""
msgstr "CPU-k száma"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:70
msgid "number of CPU cores."
msgstr ""
msgstr "A CPU-magok száma."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:71
msgid "RAM amount"
msgstr ""
msgstr "RAM mennyiség"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:71
msgid "amount of RAM."
msgstr ""
msgstr "a memória mennyisége."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:81
msgid "Disks"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Lemezek"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:82
msgid ""
"You can add empty disks, download new ones and remove existing ones here."
msgstr ""
"Hozzáadhat üres lemezeket, letölthet lemezképeket, vagy törölheti a "
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:92
msgid "Network tab"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Hálózat lap"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:93
msgid "You can add new network interfaces or remove existing ones here."
msgstr ""
msgstr "Hozzáadhat új hálózati interfészeket, vagy törölheti a meglévőket."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:102
msgid "Deploy"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Indítás"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:105
msgid "Deploy the virtual machine."
msgstr ""
msgstr "A virtuális gép elindítása."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:110
msgid "Connect"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Csatlakozás"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:113
msgid "Use the connection string or connect with your choice of client!"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Használja a megadott parancsot, vagy kedvenc kliensét."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:120
msgid "Customize the virtual machine"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Szabja testre a gépet"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:121
msgid ""
"After you have connected to the virtual machine do your modifications then "
"log off."
msgstr ""
"Miután csatlakozott, végezze el a szükséges módosításokat, majd "
"jelentkezzen ki."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:126
msgid "Save as"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Mentés sablonként"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:129
msgid ""
"Press the \"Save as template\" button and wait until the activity finishes."
msgstr ""
"Kattintson a „mentés sablonként” gombra, majd várjon, amíg a lemez "
"mentése elkészül."
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:135
msgid "Finish"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Befejezés"
#: dashboard/static/dashboard/vm-tour.js:138
msgid ""
"This is the last message, if something is not clear you can do the the tour "
msgstr ""
"A túra véget ért. Ha valami nem érthető, újrakezdheti az "
#: network/static/js/host.js:10
msgid ""
"Are you sure you want to remove host group <strong>\"%(group)s\"</strong> "
"from <strong>\"%(host)s\"</strong>?"
msgstr ""
"Biztosan törli a(z)<strong>„%(host)s”</strong> gépet a(z) "
"<strong>„%(group)s”</strong> gépcsoportból?"
#: network/static/js/host.js:13
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete this rule?"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Biztosan törli ezt a szabályt?"
#: network/static/js/host.js:20 network/static/js/switch-port.js:14
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Mégsem"
#: network/static/js/host.js:25 network/static/js/switch-port.js:19
msgid "Remove"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Eltávolítás"
#: network/static/js/switch-port.js:8
msgid "Are you sure you want to delete this device?"
msgstr ""
msgstr "Biztosan törli ezt az eszközt?"
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