Commit 33c336cb by Oláh István Gergely

dashboard: add tests to group creation - namecollision, ownerchecking

parent 7c53fbd9
......@@ -541,9 +541,12 @@ class GroupCreateTest(LoginMixin, TestCase): = User.objects.create(username='superuser', is_superuser=True)'password')
self.g1 = Group.objects.create(name='group1')
def tearDown(self):
super(GroupCreateTest, self).tearDown()
......@@ -602,6 +605,24 @@ class GroupCreateTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 302)
self.assertEqual(Group.objects.count(), groupnum + 1)
def test_namecollision_group_create(self):
# hint: group1 is in setUp, the tests checks creating group with the
# same name
c = Client()
groupnum = Group.objects.count()
self.login(c, 'superuser')
response ='/dashboard/group/create/', {'name': 'group1'})
self.assertEqual(response.status_code, 200)
self.assertEqual(Group.objects.count(), groupnum)
def test_creator_is_owner_when_group_create(self):
# has owner rights in the group the user who created the group?
c = Client()
self.login(c, 'user0')'/dashboard/group/create/', {'name': 'newgroup'})
newgroup = Group.objects.get(name='newgroup')
self.assertTrue(newgroup.profile.has_level(self.u0, 'owner'))
class GroupDetailTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
fixtures = ['test-vm-fixture.json', 'node.json']
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