Commit 451cd484 by Őry Máté

storage: add check_worker to get_remote_queue_name

parent 3ad100bb
......@@ -197,10 +197,10 @@ class Disk(AclBase, TimeStampedModel):
'type': 'snapshot' if self.type == 'qcow2-snap' else 'normal'
def get_remote_queue_name(self, queue_id):
def get_remote_queue_name(self, queue_id='storage', check_worker=True):
"""Returns the proper queue name based on the datastore."""
if self.datastore:
return self.datastore.get_remote_queue_name(queue_id)
return self.datastore.get_remote_queue_name(queue_id, check_worker)
return None
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