Commit 4c0232d4 by Guba Sándor

update vm-detail

parent 24bd6b04
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@
<div class="input-group" id="dashboard-vm-details-connect-command">
<span class="input-group-addon input-tags">{% trans "Command" %}</span>
<input type="text" spellcheck="false"
value="{% if instance.get_connect_command %}{{ instance.get_connect_command }}{% else %}{% trans "Connection is not possible." %}{% endif %}"
value="{% if connect_command %}{{ connect_command }}{% else %}{% trans "Connection is not possible." %}{% endif %}"
id="vm-details-connection-string" class="form-control input-tags" />
<span class="input-group-addon input-tags" id="vm-details-connection-string-copy">
<i class="fa fa-copy" title="{% trans "Select all" %}"></i>
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