Commit 50327a5d by Őry Máté

dashboard: improve token handling

parent 0b5dda56
......@@ -2173,7 +2173,7 @@ class AbstractVmFunctionView(AccessMixin, View):
def get_token(cls, instance, user, *args):
t = tuple([getattr(i, 'pk', i) for i in [instance, user] + list(args)])
return signing.dumps(t, salt=cls.get_salt())
return signing.dumps(t, salt=cls.get_salt(), compress=True)
def get_token_url(cls, instance, user, *args):
......@@ -2623,12 +2623,27 @@ class UnsubscribeFormView(SuccessMessageMixin, UpdateView):
def get_token(cls, user):
return signing.dumps(, salt=cls.get_salt())
return signing.dumps(, salt=cls.get_salt(), compress=True)
def get_object(self, queryset=None):
pk = signing.loads(self.kwargs['token'], salt=self.get_salt(),
return (queryset or self.get_queryset()).get(user_id=pk)
key = self.kwargs['token']
pk = signing.loads(key, salt=self.get_salt(), max_age=48*3600)
except signing.SignatureExpired:
except (signing.BadSignature, ValueError, TypeError) as e:
logger.warning('Tried invalid token. Token: %s, user: %s. %s',
key, unicode(self.request.user), unicode(e))
raise Http404
return (queryset or self.get_queryset()).get(user_id=pk)
def dispatch(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
return super(UnsubscribeFormView, self).dispatch(
request, *args, **kwargs)
except signing.SignatureExpired:
return redirect('dashboard.views.profile-preferences')
def set_language_cookie(request, response, lang=None):
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