Commit 5e2da567 by Bach Dániel

Merge branch 'disk-download-enhancement' into 'master'

Disk Download Enhancement

This branch will solve #176

  handle http errors (404)
  what do with websites, images, etc
  add the url to the result

 needs new storagedriver
parents 9d513b83 5ac14b00
......@@ -360,13 +360,14 @@ class Disk(AclBase, TimeStampedModel):
while True:
size = remote.get(timeout=5)
result = remote.get(timeout=5)
except TimeoutError:
if task is not None and task.is_aborted():
raise Exception("Download aborted by user.")
disk.size = size
disk.size = result['size']
disk.type = result['type']
disk.is_ready = True
return disk
......@@ -137,7 +137,8 @@ class DownloadDiskOperation(InstanceOperation):
if self.instance.status not in ['STOPPED', 'PENDING']:
raise self.instance.WrongStateError(self.instance)
def _operation(self, user, url, task, name=None):
def _operation(self, user, url, task, activity, name=None):
activity.result = url
# TODO implement with hot-attach when it'll be available
from storage.models import Disk
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