Commit 7156a8be by Őry Máté

dashboard: fix tests

parent 682973b3
......@@ -529,24 +529,25 @@ class VmDetailTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
def test_permitted_wake_up_wrong_state(self):
c = Client()
self.login(c, "user2")
with patch.object(WakeUpOperation, 'async') as mock_method:
with patch.object(WakeUpOperation, 'async') as mock_method, \
patch.object(Instance.WrongStateError, 'send_message') as wro:
inst = Instance.objects.get(pk=1)
mock_method.side_effect = inst.wake_up
inst.status = 'RUNNING'
inst.set_level(self.u2, 'owner')
with patch('dashboard.views.messages') as msg:"/dashboard/vm/1/op/wake_up/")
assert msg.error.called
inst = Instance.objects.get(pk=1)
self.assertEqual(inst.status, 'RUNNING') # mocked anyway
assert mock_method.called
assert wro.called
def test_permitted_wake_up(self):
c = Client()
self.login(c, "user2")
with patch.object(Instance, 'select_node', return_value=None):
with patch.object(WakeUpOperation, 'async') as new_wake_up:
with patch('vm.tasks.vm_tasks.wake_up.apply_async') as wuaa:
with patch.object(Instance, 'select_node', return_value=None), \
patch.object(WakeUpOperation, 'async') as new_wake_up, \
patch('vm.tasks.vm_tasks.wake_up.apply_async') as wuaa, \
patch.object(Instance.WrongStateError, 'send_message') as wro:
inst = Instance.objects.get(pk=1)
new_wake_up.side_effect = inst.wake_up
inst.get_remote_queue_name = Mock(return_value='test')
......@@ -559,6 +560,7 @@ class VmDetailTest(LoginMixin, TestCase):
self.assertEqual(inst.status, 'RUNNING')
assert new_wake_up.called
assert wuaa.called
assert not wro.called
def test_unpermitted_wake_up(self):
c = Client()
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