Commit 7557f6c4 by Őry Máté

network: add titles to magic buttons

parent b7cfe6a7
......@@ -123,9 +123,11 @@ class HostForm(ModelForm):
FieldWithButtons('ipv4', StrictButton(
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv4-magic")),
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv4-magic",
title=_("Generate random address."))),
FieldWithButtons('ipv6', StrictButton(
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv6-magic")),
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv6-magic",
title=_("Generate IPv6 pair of IPv4 address."))),
......@@ -255,7 +257,8 @@ class VlanForm(ModelForm):
FieldWithButtons('ipv6_template', StrictButton(
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv6-tpl-magic")),
'<i class="fa fa-magic"></i>', css_id="ipv6-tpl-magic",
title=_("Generate sensible template."))),
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