Commit 7877d090 by cloud

dashboard: remove datastore and dev_num from disk calls

parent 93a92d4d
...@@ -770,17 +770,15 @@ class DiskAddForm(forms.Form): ...@@ -770,17 +770,15 @@ class DiskAddForm(forms.Form):
'type': "qcow2-norm", 'type': "qcow2-norm",
'datastore': DataStore.objects.all()[0], 'datastore': DataStore.objects.all()[0],
'size': data['size'], 'size': data['size'],
'dev_num': "a",
} }
d = Disk.create_empty(instance=inst, user=self.user, **kwargs) d = Disk.create_empty(instance=inst, user=self.user, **kwargs)
else: else:
kwargs = { kwargs = {
'name': data['name'], 'name': data['name'],
'datastore': DataStore.objects.all()[0], 'url': data['url'],
'dev_num': "a",
} }
Disk.create_from_url_async(data['url'], instance=inst, Disk.create_from_url_async(instance=inst, user=self.user,
user=self.user, **kwargs) **kwargs)
d = None d = None
return d return d
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