Commit 8e3bcfa1 by Bach Dániel

vm: use request.user instead of inst.owner in MountStoreOperation

parent 3732fbb4
......@@ -1003,12 +1003,12 @@ class MountStoreOperation(EnsureAgentMixin, InstanceOperation):
except NoStoreException:
raise PermissionDenied # not show the button at all
def _operation(self):
def _operation(self, user):
inst = self.instance
queue = self.instance.get_remote_queue_name("agent")
host = urlsplit(settings.STORE_URL).hostname
username = Store(inst.owner).username
password = inst.owner.profile.smb_password
username = Store(user).username
password = user.profile.smb_password
queue=queue, args=(inst.vm_name, host, username, password))
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