Commit 9413d8af by Your Name

Fixes: new request form, batch processing in perodic tasks

parent 4937c30e
......@@ -25,10 +25,12 @@
<div class="alert alert-info text-justify">
{% trans "Changing resources is only possible on virtual machines with STOPPED state. We suggest to turn off the VM after submitting the request otherwise it will be automatically stopped in the future when the request is accepted." %}
<!-- Due the new form from Gergo
<div class="form-group">
<label>{% trans "Message" %}*</label>
<textarea class="form-control" name="message">{% include "request/initials/resources.html" %}</textarea>
<input type="submit" class="btn btn-success btn-sm"/>
......@@ -550,6 +550,7 @@ class DestroyOperation(InstanceOperation):
id = "_delete_vm"
name = _("destroy virtual machine")
task = vm_tasks.destroy
remote_timeout = 120
# if e.libvirtError and "Domain not found" in str(e):
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