Commit 9460f70f by Guba Sándor

vm: fix operation texts

parent 490e1dac
......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ class DeployOperation(InstanceOperation):
def on_commit(self, activity):
activity.resultant_state = 'RUNNING'
activity.result = create_readable(
ugettext_noop("virtual machine succesfully "
ugettext_noop("virtual machine successfully "
"deployed to node: %(node)s"),
......@@ -279,9 +279,11 @@ class DeployOperation(InstanceOperation):
# Deploy VM on remote machine
if self.instance.state not in ['PAUSED']:
rn = create_readable(ugettext_noop("deploy virtual machine"),
ugettext_noop("deploy vm to %(node)s"),
with activity.sub_activity(
'deploying_vm', readable_name=ugettext_noop(
"deploy virtual machine")) as deploy_act:
'deploying_vm', readable_name=rn) as deploy_act:
deploy_act.result = self.instance.deploy_vm(timeout=timeout)
# Establish network connection (vmdriver)
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