Commit 9b3849c1 by Dudás Ádám

vm: simplify method

parent 6456ad7f
......@@ -382,19 +382,20 @@ class Instance(AclBase, VirtualMachineDescModel, TimeStampedModel):
tags = template.tags.all() if tags is None else tags
# prepare parameters
kwargs['template'] = template
kwargs['owner'] = owner
kwargs.setdefault('pw', pwgen())
ca = ['name', 'description', 'num_cores', 'ram_size', 'max_ram_size',
'arch', 'priority', 'boot_menu', 'raw_data', 'lease',
for attr in ca:
kwargs.setdefault(attr, getattr(template, attr))
common_fields = ['name', 'description', 'num_cores', 'ram_size',
'max_ram_size', 'arch', 'priority', 'boot_menu',
'raw_data', 'lease', 'access_method']
params = dict(template=template, owner=owner, pw=pwgen())
params.update([(f, getattr(template, f)) for f in common_fields])
params.update(kwargs) # override defaults w/ user supplied values
# create instance and do additional setup
inst = cls(**kwargs)
inst = cls(**params)
# save instance
# create related entities
inst.disks.add(*[disk.get_exclusive() for disk in disks])
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