Commit a7fca356 by Bach Dániel

firewall: rename host.ipv6_with_prefixlen

parent ab7f458e
......@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ class Rule(models.Model):
dst = None
if host:
ip = (host.ipv4, host.ipv6_with_prefixlen)
ip = (host.ipv4, host.ipv6_with_host_prefixlen)
if self.direction == 'in':
dst = ip
......@@ -551,13 +551,9 @@ class Host(models.Model):
self.ipv6, self.vlan.network6.prefixlen)
def ipv6_with_prefixlen(self):
net = IPNetwork(self.ipv6)
net.prefixlen = self.vlan.host_ipv6_prefixlen
return net
except TypeError:
return None
def ipv6_with_host_prefixlen(self):
return Host.create_ipnetwork(
self.ipv6, self.vlan.host_ipv6_prefixlen)
def get_external_ipv4(self):
return self.external_ipv4 if self.external_ipv4 else self.ipv4
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