Commit af6220f5 by Bach Dániel

dashboard: add missing permission checks to __add_port()

parent 4e1f7ab1
......@@ -349,11 +349,18 @@ class VmDetailView(CheckedDetailView):
error = None
host = Host.objects.get(pk=request.POST.get("host_pk"))
interfaces = object.interface_set.all()
host = Host.objects.get(pk=request.POST.get("host_pk"),
host.add_port(proto, private=port)
except Host.DoesNotExist:
logger.error('Tried to add port to nonexistent host %d. User: %s. '
'Instance: %s', request.POST.get("host_pk"),
unicode(request.user), object)
raise PermissionDenied()
except ValueError:
error = _("There is a problem with your input!")
except Exception, e:
except Exception as e:
error = u', '.join(e.messages)
if request.is_ajax():
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