Commit bebbbd90 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboad: index vm dashboard overflow

parent 673e5858
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
<div class="panel-body" id="vm-graph-view" style="display: none">
<p class="pull-right"> <input class="knob" data-fgColor="chartreuse" data-thickness=".4" data-max="{{ request.user.profile.instance_limit }}" data-width="100" data-height="100" data-readOnly="true" value="{{ instances|length|add:more_instances }}"></p>
<p><span class="bigbig">{% blocktrans with count=running_vm_num %}<big>{{ count }}</big> running{% endblocktrans %}</span>
<ul class="list-inline">
<ul class="list-inline" style="max-height: 95px; overflow: hidden;">
{% for vm in running_vms %}
<li style="display: inline-block; padding: 2px;">
<a href="{{vm.get_absolute_url}}" title="{{vm.primary_host.get_fqdn}}" class="label label-success">
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