Commit bff353e8 by Bach Dániel

vm: add redeploy operation

Closes #262
parent 1e4c94ea
......@@ -770,6 +770,17 @@ class VmStateChangeForm(forms.Form):
return helper
class RedeployForm(forms.Form):
with_emergency_change_state = forms.BooleanField(
required=False, initial=True, label=_("use emergency state change"))
def helper(self):
helper = FormHelper(self)
helper.form_tag = False
return helper
class VmCreateDiskForm(forms.Form):
name = forms.CharField(max_length=100, label=_("Name"))
size = forms.CharField(
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ from ..forms import (
AclUserOrGroupAddForm, VmResourcesForm, TraitsForm, RawDataForm,
VmAddInterfaceForm, VmCreateDiskForm, VmDownloadDiskForm, VmSaveForm,
VmRenewForm, VmStateChangeForm, VmListSearchForm, VmCustomizeForm,
TransferOwnershipForm, VmDiskResizeForm,
TransferOwnershipForm, VmDiskResizeForm, RedeployForm,
from ..models import Favourite, Profile
......@@ -599,6 +599,15 @@ class VmStateChangeView(FormOperationMixin, VmOperationView):
return val
class RedeployView(FormOperationMixin, VmOperationView):
op = 'redeploy'
icon = 'stethoscope'
effect = 'danger'
show_in_toolbar = True
form_class = RedeployForm
wait_for_result = 0.5
vm_ops = OrderedDict([
('deploy', VmOperationView.factory(
op='deploy', icon='play', effect='success')),
......@@ -620,6 +629,7 @@ vm_ops = OrderedDict([
('recover', VmOperationView.factory(
op='recover', icon='medkit', effect='warning')),
('nostate', VmStateChangeView),
('redeploy', RedeployView),
('destroy', VmOperationView.factory(
op='destroy', icon='times', effect='danger')),
......@@ -275,6 +275,7 @@ class Instance(AclBase, VirtualMachineDescModel, StatusModel, OperatedMixin,
('change_resources', _('Can change resources of a running VM.')),
('set_resources', _('Can change resources of a new VM.')),
('create_vm', _('Can create a new VM.')),
('redeploy', _('Can redeploy a VM.')),
('config_ports', _('Can configure port forwards.')),
('recover', _('Can recover a destroyed VM.')),
('emergency_change_state', _('Can change VM state to NOSTATE.')),
......@@ -827,6 +827,33 @@ class ChangeStateOperation(InstanceOperation):
class RedeployOperation(InstanceOperation):
activity_code_suffix = 'redeploy'
id = 'redeploy'
name = _("redeploy")
description = _("Change the virtual machine state to NOSTATE "
"and redeploy the VM. This operation allows starting "
"machines formerly running on a failed node.")
acl_level = "owner"
required_perms = ('vm.redeploy', )
concurrency_check = False
def _operation(self, user, activity, with_emergency_change_state=True):
if with_emergency_change_state:
parent_activity=activity, user=user,
new_state='NOSTATE', interrupt=False, reset_node=True)
parent_activity=activity, user=user)
parent_activity=activity, user=user)
class NodeOperation(Operation):
async_operation = abortable_async_node_operation
host_cls = Node
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