Commit c1b159b9 by Őry Máté

acl: fix management command

parent 98456714
......@@ -59,10 +59,10 @@ def create_levels(app, created_models, verbosity, db=DEFAULT_DB_ALIAS,
if verbosity >= 2:
print("Adding levels [%s]." % ", ".join(levels))
print("Adding levels [%s]." % ", ".join(unicode(l) for l in levels))
print("Searched: [%s]." % ", ".join(
[unicode(l) for l in searched_levels]))
print("All: [%s]." % ", ".join([unicode(l) for l in all_levels]))
unicode(l) for l in searched_levels))
print("All: [%s]." % ", ".join(unicode(l) for l in all_levels))
# set weights
for ctype, codename, weight in level_weights:
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