Commit c5826e9f by Dudás Ádám

vm: add option to save instance as template with integrated shutdown

parent cb83f2ca
......@@ -815,11 +815,6 @@ class Instance(AclBase, VirtualMachineDescModel, StatusModel, OperatedMixin,
self.node = None
self.vnc_port = None
def shutdown_and_save_as_template(self, name, user=None, task_uuid=None,
self.save_as_template(name, user=user, **kwargs)
def get_status_icon(self):
return {
'NOSTATE': 'icon-rocket',
......@@ -247,7 +247,11 @@ class SaveAsTemplateOperation(InstanceOperation):
Users can instantiate Virtual Machines from Templates.
def _operation(self, activity, name, user, system, timeout=300, **kwargs):
def _operation(self, activity, name, user, system, timeout=300,
with_shutdown=True, **kwargs):
if with_shutdown:
# prepare parameters
params = {
'access_method': self.instance.access_method,
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