Commit d6891337 by Őry Máté

fabfile: remove trash from namespace

Fab can't work with a #! as "#!/usr/bin/env fab -f" would be three words,
which is not supported by Linux
parent 65e7d88a
#!/usr/bin/env fab
#!/bin/echo Usage: fab --list -f
import contextlib
import datetime
......@@ -10,14 +10,14 @@ from fabric.decorators import roles, parallel
env.roledefs['portal'] = ['localhost']
from vm.models import Node
from storage.models import DataStore
from vm.models import Node as _Node
from storage.models import DataStore as _DataStore
except Exception as e:
print e
env.roledefs['node'] = [unicode(
for n in Node.objects.filter(enabled=True)]
env.roledefs['storage'] = [DataStore.objects.get().hostname]
for n in _Node.objects.filter(enabled=True)]
env.roledefs['storage'] = [_DataStore.objects.get().hostname]
def update_all():
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