Commit d692c2f4 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: create vms with disks and networks

parent 1bc7ae27
......@@ -221,14 +221,23 @@ class VmCreate(TemplateView):
'num_cores': int(request.POST.get('cpu-count')),
'ram_size': int(request.POST.get('ram-size')),
'priority': int(request.POST.get('cpu-priority')),
'disks': Disk.objects.filter(
networks = [{'vlan': Vlan.objects.get(pk=l), 'managed': True}
for l in request.POST.getlist('managed-vlans')
networks.extend([{'vlan': Vlan.objects.get(pk=l),
'managed': False}
for l in request.POST.getlist('unmanaged-vlans')
disks = Disk.objects.filter(pk__in=request.POST.getlist('disks'))
template = InstanceTemplate.objects.get(
inst = Instance.create_from_template(template=template,
owner=user, **ikwargs)
owner=user, networks=networks,
disks=disks, **ikwargs)
resp['pk'] =
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