Commit de7cb13e by Dudás Ádám

vm: refactor check_queue task

parent 6636656e
......@@ -19,18 +19,16 @@ def check_queue(node_hostname, queue_id):
active_queues = get_queues()
if active_queues is None:
return False
# v is List of List of queues dict
node_workers = [v for k, v in active_queues.iteritems()]
for worker in node_workers:
for queue in worker:
if queue['name'] == queue_name:
return True
return False
queue_names = (queue['name'] for worker in active_queues.itervalues()
for queue in worker)
return queue_name in queue_names
def get_queues():
"""Get active celery queues.
Returns a dictionary whose entries are (worker name;list of queues) pairs,
where queues are represented by dictionaries.
Result is cached for 10 seconds!
key = __name__ + u'queues'
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