Commit deb02ed6 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: use form features for data

parent ececb093
......@@ -784,14 +784,8 @@ class VmResourcesChangeView(VmOperationView):
return redirect(instance.get_absolute_url() + "#resources")
resources = {
'num_cores': "num_cores",
'priority': "priority",
'ram_size': "ram_size",
'max_ram_size': "ram_size", # TODO
for k, v in resources.iteritems():
extra[k] = request.POST.get(v)
extra = form.cleaned_data
extra['max_ram_size'] = extra['ram_size']
return super(VmResourcesChangeView, self).post(request, extra,
*args, **kwargs)
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