Commit df2e6481 by Bach Dániel

firewall: use IPAddress.words instead of regex matching in convert_ipv4_to_ipv6()

parent de1ac429
......@@ -263,10 +263,8 @@ def val_mx(value):
def convert_ipv4_to_ipv6(ipv6_template, ipv4):
"""Convert IPv4 address string to IPv6 address string."""
ipv4 = str(ipv4)
m = ipv4_re.match(ipv4)
return IPAddress(ipv6_template % {'a': int(,
'b': int(,
'c': int(,
'd': int(})
m = ipv4.words
return IPAddress(ipv6_template % {'a': int(m[0]),
'b': int(m[1]),
'c': int(m[2]),
'd': int(m[3])})
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