Commit e10a0681 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: disable screenshot button if screenshot is in progress

parent c2c3913d
......@@ -268,9 +268,21 @@ $(function() {
$("#getScreenshotButton").click(function() {
var vm = $(this).data("vm-pk");
var ct = $("#vm-console-screenshot");
$("i", this).addClass("icon-spinner icon-spin");
$(this).prop("disabled", true);
var img = $("img", ct).prop("src", '/dashboard/vm/' + vm + '/screenshot/');
// if the image is loaded remove the spinning stuff
// note: this should not work if the image is cached, but it's not
// see:
$("#vm-console-screenshot img").load(function(e) {
$("#getScreenshotButton").prop("disabled", false)
.find("i").removeClass("icon-spinner icon-spin");
// screenshot close
$("#vm-console-screenshot button").click(function() {
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