Commit e7abb4a5 by Őry Máté

vm: make save_as.shutdown abortable

parent 40c82261
......@@ -240,6 +240,7 @@ class SaveAsTemplateOperation(InstanceOperation):
Template can be shared with groups and users.
Users can instantiate Virtual Machines from Templates.
abortable = True
def _rename(name):
......@@ -252,11 +253,11 @@ class SaveAsTemplateOperation(InstanceOperation):
return "%s v%d" % (name, v)
def _operation(self, activity, user, system, timeout=300,
with_shutdown=True, **kwargs):
with_shutdown=True, task=None, **kwargs):
if with_shutdown:
user=user, task=task)
except Instance.WrongStateError:
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