Commit fb838841 by Bach Dániel

vm: recreate interfaces from template in recovery operation

Closes #314
parent d3b23cb1
...@@ -1179,14 +1179,28 @@ class RecoverOperation(InstanceOperation): ...@@ -1179,14 +1179,28 @@ class RecoverOperation(InstanceOperation):
except Instance.InstanceDestroyedError: except Instance.InstanceDestroyedError:
pass pass
def _operation(self): def _operation(self, user, activity):
with activity.sub_activity(
readable_name=ugettext_noop("recover instance")):
self.instance.destroyed_at = None
for disk in self.instance.disks.all(): for disk in self.instance.disks.all():
disk.destroyed = None disk.destroyed = None
disk.restore() disk.restore()
self.instance.destroyed_at = None self.instance.status = 'PENDING'
if self.instance.template:
for net in self.instance.template.interface_set.all():
parent_activity=activity, user=user, vlan=net.vlan)
@register_operation @register_operation
class ResourcesOperation(InstanceOperation): class ResourcesOperation(InstanceOperation):
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