Commit fd609634 by Guba Sándor

added emergency prefix

parent 2b903276
......@@ -719,15 +719,14 @@ register_operation(RenewOperation)
class ChangeStateOperation(InstanceOperation):
activity_code_suffix = 'change_state'
id = 'change_state'
name = _("change state")
activity_code_suffix = 'emergency_change_state'
id = 'emergency_change_state'
name = _("emergency change state")
description = _("Change the virtual machine state to NOSTATE")
acl_level = "owner"
required_perms = ('vm.change_state', )
required_perms = ('vm.emergency_change_state', )
def _operation(self, user, activity, new_state="NOSTATE",
reason=None, lease=None):
def _operation(self, user, activity, new_state="NOSTATE"):
activity.resultant_state = new_state
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