{% extends "dashboard/base.html" %} {% load i18n %} {% block title-page %}{% trans "Help" %}{% endblock %} {% block content %}

{% blocktrans %} This is a deployment of CIRCLE Cloud, which is a free and open source cloud manager. {% endblocktrans %} {% blocktrans %} Its most important function is starting and managing virtual machine instances based on templates. These templates are also easy to create. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} Apart from this tutorial we recommend to try the system, it is quite intuitive, and the web interface shows detailed instructions on advanced options. {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "Dashboard" %}

{% blocktrans with host=request.get_host %} You can reach this service at https://{{host}}/ where you can log in to the dashboard. {% endblocktrans %}

{% blocktrans %} The dashboard is a summary about your virtual machines and other resources, and the main starting point to access the functions of the system. {% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "Virtual machines" %}

{% blocktrans %} In the virtual machines box you will find your recent virtual machines. A summary view is also available by clicking the dashboard button. Click on the name of a virtual machine to see its connection details, preferences, or to change its state. Important or frequently used machines can be pinned by the favorite button. The search function field show results in place, and typing a ⏎ jumps directly to the result, if there is exactly one. You can start a new virtual machine by clicking new. {% endblocktrans %}

{% endblock %}