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This file is placed here by pip to indicate the source was put
here by pip.
Once this package is successfully installed this source code will be
deleted (unless you remove this file).
We would like to recognize some of the people who have been instrumental in the
development of psutil.
I'm sure we are forgetting some people (feel free to email us), but here is a
short list.
It's modeled after the Linux CREDITS file where the fields are:
name (N), e-mail (E), web-address (W), country (C), description (D), (I) issues
(issue tracker is at
Really thanks to all of you.
N: Giampaolo Rodola'
C: Italy
N: Jay Loden
D: original co-author, initial design/bootstrap and continuing bug fixes
N: Jeremy Whitlock
I: 125, 150, 174, 206
N: wj32
D: process username() and get_connections() on Windows
I: 114, 115
N: Yan Raber
C: Bologna, Italy
D: help on Windows development
N: Justin Venus
D: Solaris support
I: 18
N: Dave Daeschler
D: initial design/bootstrap and continuing bug fixes
N: cjgohlke
D: Windows 64 bit support
I: 107
N: Jeffery Kline
I: 130
N: Grabriel Monnerat
I: 146
N: Philip Roberts
I: 168
N: jcscoobyrs
I: 125
N: Sandro Tosi
I: 200, 201
N: Andrew Colin
I: 248
N: Amoser
I: 266, 267, 340
N: Matthew Grant
I: 271
N: oweidner
I: 275
N: Tarek Ziade
E: ziade.tarek
I: 281
N: Luca Cipriani
C: Turin, Italy
I: 278
N: Maciej Lach,
I: 294
N: James Pye
I: 305, 306
N: Stanchev Emil
E: stanchev.emil
I: 314
N: Kim Gräsman
D: ...also kindly donated some money.
I: 316
N: Riccardo Murri
C: Italy
I: 318
N: Florent Xicluna
I: 319
N: Michal Spondr
E: michal.spondr
I: 313
N: Jean Sebastien
I: 344
N: Rob Smith
I: 341
N: Youngsik Kim
I: 317
N: Gregory Szorc
I: 323
N: André Oriani
I: 361
N: clackwell
I: 356
N: m.malycha
I: 351
N: John Baldwin
I: 370
N: Jan Beich
I: 325
N: floppymaster
I: 380
N: Arfrever.FTA
I: 369, 404
N: danudey
I: 386
N: Adrien Fallou
I: 224
N: Gisle Vanem
I: 411
N: thepyr0
I: 414
N: John Pankov
I: 435
Bug tracker at
1.1.0 - 2013-09-28
* #410: tar.gz and windows binary files are now hosted on PYPI.
* #412: [Linux] get/set process resource limits.
* #415: [Windows] Process.get_children() is an order of magnitude faster.
* #426: [Windows] is an order of magnitude faster.
* #431: [UNIX] is slightly faster because it unnecessarily
retrieved also process cmdline.
* #391# [Windows] psutil.cpu_times_percent() returns negative percentages.
* #408: STATUS_* and CONN_* constants don't properly serialize on JSON.
* #411: [Windows] examples/ may pop-up a GUI error.
* #413: [Windows] Process.get_memory_info() leaks memory.
* #414: [Windows] Process.exe on Windows XP may raise ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER.
* #416: psutil.disk_usage() doesn't work well with unicode path names.
* #430: [Linux] process IO counters report wrong number of r/w syscalls.
* #435: [Linux] psutil.net_io_counters() might report erreneous NIC names.
* #436: [Linux] psutil.net_io_counters() reports a wrong 'dropin' value.
* #408: STATUS_* and CONN_* constants (returned by Process' status() and
get_connections() methods respectively) have been turned from constant
objects to plain Python strings.
1.0.1 - 2013-07-12
* #405: network_io_counters(pernic=True) no longer works as intended in 1.0.0.
1.0.0 - 2013-07-10
* #18: Solaris support (yay!) (thanks Justin Venus)
* #367: Process.get_connections() 'status' strings are now constants.
* #380: test suite exits with non-zero on failure. (patch by floppymaster)
* #391: extensively use unittest2 module in unit tests and provide
workarounds if this is not installed on python < 2.7.
* #374: [Windows] negative memory usage reported when processes use a lot of
* #379: [Linux] Process.get_memory_maps() may raise ValueError.
* #394: [OSX] Mapped memory regions report incorrect file name.
* #404: [Linux] sched_*affinity() are implicitly declared. (patch by Arfrever)
* Process.get_connections() 'status' field is no longer a string but a constant
object (psutil.CONN_*).
* Process.get_connections() 'local_address' and 'remote_address' fields renamed
to 'laddr' and 'raddr'.
* psutil.network_io_counters() renamed to psutil.net_io_counters().
0.7.1 - 2013-05-03
* #325: [BSD] psutil.virtual_memory() can raise SystemError.
(patch by Jan Beich)
* #370: [BSD] Process.get_connections() requires root. (patch by John Baldwin)
* #372: [BSD] different process methods raise NoSuchProcess instead of
0.7.0 - 2013-04-12
* #233: code migrated to Mercurial (yay!)
* #246: psutil.error module is deprecated and scheduled for removal.
* #328: [Windows] process IO nice/priority support.
* #359: psutil.get_boot_time()
* #361: [Linux] psutil.cpu_times() now includes new 'steal', 'guest' and
'guest_nice' fields available on recent Linux kernels.
Also, psutil.cpu_percent() is more accurate.
* #362: cpu_times_percent() (per-CPU-time utilization as a percentage)
* #234: [Windows] disk_io_counters() fails to list certain disks.
* #264: [Windows] use of psutil.disk_partitions() may cause a message box to
* #313: [Linux] psutil.virtual_memory() and psutil.swap_memory() can crash on
certain exotic Linux flavors having an incomplete /proc interface.
If that's the case we now set the unretrievable stats to 0 and raise a
* #315: [OSX] fix some compilation warnings.
* #317: [Windows] cannot set process CPU affinity above 31 cores.
* #319: [Linux] process get_memory_maps() raises KeyError 'Anonymous' on Debian
* #321: [UNIX] Process.ppid property is no longer cached as the kernel may set
the ppid to 1 in case of a zombie process.
* #323: [OSX] disk_io_counters()'s read_time and write_time parameters were
reporting microseconds not milliseconds. (patch by Gregory Szorc)
* #331: Process cmdline is no longer cached after first acces as it may change.
* #333: [OSX] Leak of Mach ports on OS X (patch by
* #337: [Linux] process methods not working because of a poor /proc
implementation will raise NotImplementedError rather than RuntimeError
and Process.as_dict() will not blow up. (patch by Curtin1060)
* #338: [Linux] disk_io_counters() fails to find some disks.
* #339: [FreeBSD] get_pid_list() can allocate all the memory on system.
* #341: [Linux] psutil might crash on import due to error in retrieving system
terminals map.
* #344: [FreeBSD] swap_memory() might return incorrect results due to
kvm_open(3) not being called. (patch by Jean Sebastien)
* #338: [Linux] disk_io_counters() fails to find some disks.
* #351: [Windows] if psutil is compiled with mingw32 (provided installers for
py2.4 and py2.5 are) disk_io_counters() will fail. (Patch by m.malycha)
* #353: [OSX] get_users() returns an empty list on OSX 10.8.
* #356: Process.parent now checks whether parent PID has been reused in which
case returns None.
* #365: Process.set_nice() should check PID has not been reused by another
* #366: [FreeBSD] get_memory_maps(), get_num_fds(), get_open_files() and
getcwd() Process methods raise RuntimeError instead of AccessDenied.
* Process.cmdline property is no longer cached after first access.
* Process.ppid property is no longer cached after first access.
* [Linux] Process methods not working because of a poor /proc implementation
will raise NotImplementedError instead of RuntimeError.
* psutil.error module is deprecated and scheduled for removal.
0.6.1 - 2012-08-16
* #316: process cmdline property now makes a better job at guessing the process
executable from the cmdline.
* #316: process exe was resolved in case it was a symlink.
* #318: python 2.4 compatibility was broken.
* process exe can now return an empty string instead of raising AccessDenied.
* process exe is no longer resolved in case it's a symlink.
0.6.0 - 2012-08-13
* #216: [POSIX] get_connections() UNIX sockets support.
* #220: [FreeBSD] get_connections() has been rewritten in C and no longer
requires lsof.
* #222: [OSX] add support for process cwd.
* #261: process extended memory info.
* #295: [OSX] process executable path is now determined by asking the OS
instead of being guessed from process cmdline.
* #297: [OSX] the Process methods below were always raising AccessDenied for
any process except the current one. Now this is no longer true. Also
they are 2.5x faster.
- name
- get_memory_info()
- get_memory_percent()
- get_cpu_times()
- get_cpu_percent()
- get_num_threads()
* #300: examples/ script.
* #301: process_iter() now yields processes sorted by their PIDs.
* #302: process number of voluntary and involuntary context switches.
* #303: [Windows] the Process methods below were always raising AccessDenied
for any process not owned by current user. Now this is no longer true:
- create_time
- get_cpu_times()
- get_cpu_percent()
- get_memory_info()
- get_memory_percent()
- get_num_handles()
- get_io_counters()
* #305: add examples/ script.
* #311: system memory functions has been refactorized and rewritten and now
provide a more detailed and consistent representation of the system
memory. New psutil.virtual_memory() function provides the following
memory amounts:
- total
- available
- percent
- used
- active [POSIX]
- inactive [POSIX]
- buffers (BSD, Linux)
- cached (BSD, OSX)
- wired (OSX, BSD)
- shared [FreeBSD]
New psutil.swap_memory() provides:
- total
- used
- free
- percent
- sin (no. of bytes the system has swapped in from disk (cumulative))
- sout (no. of bytes the system has swapped out from disk (cumulative))
All old memory-related functions are deprecated.
Also two new example scripts were added: and
* #312: psutil.network_io_counters() namedtuple includes 4 new fields:
errin, errout dropin and dropout, reflecting the number of packets
dropped and with errors.
* #298: [OSX and BSD] memory leak in get_num_fds().
* #299: potential memory leak every time PyList_New(0) is used.
* #303: [Windows] potential heap corruption in get_num_threads() and
get_status() Process methods.
* #305: [FreeBSD] psutil can't compile on FreeBSD 9 due to removal of utmp.h.
* #306: at C level, errors are not checked when invoking Py* functions which
create or manipulate Python objects leading to potential memory related
errors and/or segmentation faults.
* #307: [FreeBSD] values returned by psutil.network_io_counters() are wrong.
* #308: [BSD / Windows] psutil.virtmem_usage() wasn't actually returning
information about swap memory usage as it was supposed to do. It does
* #309: get_open_files() might not return files which can not be accessed
due to limited permissions. AccessDenied is now raised instead.
* psutil.phymem_usage() is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
* psutil.virtmem_usage() is deprecated (use psutil.swap_memory())
* psutil.phymem_buffers() on Linux is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
* psutil.cached_phymem() on Linux is deprecated (use psutil.virtual_memory())
* [Windows and BSD] psutil.virtmem_usage() now returns information about swap
memory instead of virtual memory.
0.5.1 - 2012-06-29
* #293: [Windows] process executable path is now determined by asking the OS
instead of being guessed from process cmdline.
* #292: [Linux] race condition in process files/threads/connections.
* #294: [Windows] Process CPU affinity is only able to set CPU #0.
0.5.0 - 2012-06-27
* #195: [Windows] number of handles opened by process.
* #209: psutil.disk_partitions() now provides also mount options.
* #229: list users currently connected on the system (psutil.get_users()).
* #238: [Linux, Windows] process CPU affinity (get and set).
* #242: Process.get_children(recursive=True): return all process
* #245: [POSIX] Process.wait() incrementally consumes less CPU cycles.
* #257: [Windows] removed Windows 2000 support.
* #258: [Linux] Process.get_memory_info() is now 0.5x faster.
* #260: process's mapped memory regions. (Windows patch by wj32.64, OSX patch
by Jeremy Whitlock)
* #262: [Windows] psutil.disk_partitions() was slow due to inspecting the
floppy disk drive also when "all" argument was False.
* #273: psutil.get_process_list() is deprecated.
* #274: psutil no longer requires 2to3 at installation time in order to work
with Python 3.
* #278: new Process.as_dict() method.
* #281: ppid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties of Process class
are now cached after being accessed.
* #282: psutil.STATUS_* constants can now be compared by using their string
* #283: speedup Process.is_running() by caching its return value in case the
process is terminated.
* #284: [POSIX] per-process number of opened file descriptors.
* #287: psutil.process_iter() now caches Process instances between calls.
* #290: Process.nice property is deprecated in favor of new get_nice() and
set_nice() methods.
* #193: psutil.Popen constructor can throw an exception if the spawned process
terminates quickly.
* #240: [OSX] incorrect use of free() for Process.get_connections().
* #244: [POSIX] Process.wait() can hog CPU resources if called against a
process which is not our children.
* #248: [Linux] psutil.network_io_counters() might return erroneous NIC names.
* #252: [Windows] process getcwd() erroneously raise NoSuchProcess for
processes owned by another user. It now raises AccessDenied instead.
* #266: [Windows] psutil.get_pid_list() only shows 1024 processes.
(patch by Amoser)
* #267: [OSX] Process.get_connections() - an erroneous remote address was
returned. (Patch by Amoser)
* #272: [Linux] Porcess.get_open_files() - potential race condition can lead to
unexpected NoSuchProcess exception. Also, we can get incorrect reports
of not absolutized path names.
* #275: [Linux] Process.get_io_counters() erroneously raise NoSuchProcess on
old Linux versions. Where not available it now raises
* #286: Process.is_running() doesn't actually check whether PID has been
* #314: Process.get_children() can sometimes return non-children.
* Process.nice property is deprecated in favor of new get_nice() and set_nice()
* psutil.get_process_list() is deprecated.
* ppid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties of Process class are now
cached after being accessed, meaning NoSuchProcess will no longer be raised
in case the process is gone in the meantime.
* psutil.STATUS_* constants can now be compared by using their string
0.4.1 - 2011-12-14
* #228: some example scripts were not working with python 3.
* #230: [Windows / OSX] memory leak in Process.get_connections().
* #232: [Linux] psutil.phymem_usage() can report erroneous values which are
different than "free" command.
* #236: [Windows] memory/handle leak in Process's get_memory_info(),
suspend() and resume() methods.
0.4.0 - 2011-10-29
* #150: network I/O counters. (OSX and Windows patch by Jeremy Whitlock)
* #154: [FreeBSD] add support for process getcwd()
* #157: [Windows] provide installer for Python 3.2 64-bit.
* #198: Process.wait(timeout=0) can now be used to make wait() return
* #206: disk I/O counters. (OSX and Windows patch by Jeremy Whitlock)
* #213: examples/ script.
* #217: Process.get_connections() now has a "kind" argument to filter
for connections with different criteria.
* #221: [FreeBSD] Process.get_open_files has been rewritten in C and no longer
relies on lsof.
* #223: examples/ script.
* #227: examples/ script.
* #135: [OSX] psutil cannot create Process object.
* #144: [Linux] no longer support 0 special PID.
* #188: [Linux] psutil import error on Linux ARM architectures.
* #194: [POSIX] psutil.Process.get_cpu_percent() now reports a percentage over
100 on multicore processors.
* #197: [Linux] Process.get_connections() is broken on platforms not supporting
* #200: [Linux] psutil.NUM_CPUS not working on armel and sparc architectures
and causing crash on module import.
* #201: [Linux] Process.get_connections() is broken on big-endian
* #211: Process instance can unexpectedly raise NoSuchProcess if tested for
equality with another object.
* #218: [Linux] crash at import time on Debian 64-bit because of a missing line
in /proc/meminfo.
* #226: [FreeBSD] crash at import time on FreeBSD 7 and minor.
0.3.0 - 2011-07-08
* #125: system per-cpu percentage utilization and times.
* #163: per-process associated terminal (TTY).
* #171: added get_phymem() and get_virtmem() functions returning system
memory information (total, used, free) and memory percent usage.
total_* avail_* and used_* memory functions are deprecated.
* #172: disk usage statistics.
* #174: mounted disk partitions.
* #179: setuptools is now used in
* #159: SetSeDebug() does not close handles or unset impersonation on return.
* #164: [Windows] wait function raises a TimeoutException when a process
returns -1 .
* #165: process.status raises an unhandled exception.
* #166: get_memory_info() leaks handles hogging system resources.
* #168: psutil.cpu_percent() returns erroneous results when used in
non-blocking mode. (patch by Philip Roberts)
* #178: OSX - Process.get_threads() leaks memory
* #180: [Windows] Process's get_num_threads() and get_threads() methods can
raise NoSuchProcess exception while process still exists.
0.2.1 - 2011-03-20
* #64: per-process I/O counters.
* #116: per-process wait() (wait for process to terminate and return its exit
* #134: per-process get_threads() returning information (id, user and kernel
times) about threads opened by process.
* #136: process executable path on FreeBSD is now determined by asking the
kernel instead of guessing it from cmdline[0].
* #137: per-process real, effective and saved user and group ids.
* #140: system boot time.
* #142: per-process get and set niceness (priority).
* #143: per-process status.
* #147: per-process I/O nice (priority) - Linux only.
* #148: psutil.Popen class which tidies up subprocess.Popen and psutil.Process
in a unique interface.
* #152: [OSX] get_process_open_files() implementation has been rewritten
in C and no longer relies on lsof resulting in a 3x speedup.
* #153: [OSX] get_process_connection() implementation has been rewritten
in C and no longer relies on lsof resulting in a 3x speedup.
* #83: process cmdline is empty on OSX 64-bit.
* #130: a race condition can cause IOError exception be raised on
Linux if process disappears between open() and subsequent read() calls.
* #145: WindowsError was raised instead of psutil.AccessDenied when using
process resume() or suspend() on Windows.
* #146: 'exe' property on Linux can raise TypeError if path contains NULL
* #151: exe and getcwd() for PID 0 on Linux return inconsistent data.
* Process "uid" and "gid" properties are deprecated in favor of "uids" and
"gids" properties.
0.2.0 - 2010-11-13
* #79: per-process open files.
* #88: total system physical cached memory.
* #88: total system physical memory buffers used by the kernel.
* #91: per-process send_signal() and terminate() methods.
* #95: NoSuchProcess and AccessDenied exception classes now provide "pid",
"name" and "msg" attributes.
* #97: per-process children.
* #98: Process.get_cpu_times() and Process.get_memory_info now return
a namedtuple instead of a tuple.
* #103: per-process opened TCP and UDP connections.
* #107: add support for Windows 64 bit. (patch by cjgohlke)
* #111: per-process executable name.
* #113: exception messages now include process name and pid.
* #114: process username Windows implementation has been rewritten in pure
C and no longer uses WMI resulting in a big speedup. Also, pywin32 is no
longer required as a third-party dependancy. (patch by wj32)
* #117: added support for Windows 2000.
* #123: psutil.cpu_percent() and psutil.Process.cpu_percent() accept a
new 'interval' parameter.
* #129: per-process number of threads.
* #80: fixed warnings when installing psutil with easy_install.
* #81: psutil fails to compile with Visual Studio.
* #94: suspend() raises OSError instead of AccessDenied.
* #86: psutil didn't compile against FreeBSD 6.x.
* #102: orphaned process handles obtained by using OpenProcess in C were
left behind every time Process class was instantiated.
* #111: path and name Process properties report truncated or erroneous
values on UNIX.
* #120: cpu_percent() always returning 100% on OS X.
* #112: uid and gid properties don't change if process changes effective
user/group id at some point.
* #126: ppid, uid, gid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties are
no longer cached and correctly raise NoSuchProcess exception if the process
* psutil.Process.path property is deprecated and works as an alias for "exe"
* psutil.Process.kill(): signal argument was removed - to send a signal to the
process use send_signal(signal) method instead.
* psutil.Process.get_memory_info() returns a nametuple instead of a tuple.
* psutil.cpu_times() returns a nametuple instead of a tuple.
* New psutil.Process methods: get_open_files(), get_connections(),
send_signal() and terminate().
* ppid, uid, gid, name, exe, cmdline and create_time properties are no longer
cached and raise NoSuchProcess exception if process disappears.
* psutil.cpu_percent() no longer returns immediately (see issue 123).
* psutil.Process.get_cpu_percent() and psutil.cpu_percent() no longer returns
immediately by default (see issue 123).
0.1.3 - 2010-03-02
* #14: per-process username
* #51: per-process current working directory (Windows and Linux only)
* #59: Process.is_running() is now 10 times faster
* #61: added supoprt for FreeBSD 64 bit
* #71: implemented suspend/resume process
* #75: python 3 support
* #36: process cpu_times() and memory_info() functions succeeded also for
dead processes while a NoSuchProcess exception is supposed to be raised.
* #48: incorrect size for mib array defined in getcmdargs for BSD
* #49: possible memory leak due to missing free() on error condition on
* #50: fixed getcmdargs() memory fragmentation on BSD
* #55: test_pid_4 was failing on Windows Vista
* #57: some unit tests were failing on systems where no swap memory is
* #58: is_running() is now called before kill() to make sure we are going
to kill the correct process.
* #73: virtual memory size reported on OS X includes shared library size
* #77: NoSuchProcess wasn't raised on Process.create_time if kill() was
used first.
0.1.2 - 2009-05-06
* #32: Per-process CPU user/kernel times
* #33: Process create time
* #34: Per-process CPU utilization percentage
* #38: Per-process memory usage (bytes)
* #41: Per-process memory utilization (percent)
* #39: System uptime
* #43: Total system virtual memory
* #46: Total system physical memory
* #44: Total system used/free virtual and physical memory
* #36: [Windows] NoSuchProcess not raised when accessing timing methods.
* #40: test_get_cpu_times() failing on FreeBSD and OS X.
* #42: [Windows] get_memory_percent() raises AccessDenied.
0.1.1 - 2009-03-06
* #4: FreeBSD support for all functions of psutil
* #9: Process.uid and Process.gid now retrieve process UID and GID.
* #11: Support for parent/ppid - Process.parent property returns a
Process object representing the parent process, and Process.ppid returns
the parent PID.
* #12 & 15:
NoSuchProcess exception now raised when creating an object
for a nonexistent process, or when retrieving information about a process
that has gone away.
* #21: AccessDenied exception created for raising access denied errors
from OSError or WindowsError on individual platforms.
* #26: psutil.process_iter() function to iterate over processes as
Process objects with a generator.
* #?: Process objects can now also be compared with == operator for equality
(PID, name, command line are compared).
* #16: [Windows] Special case for "System Idle Process" (PID 0) which