Commit ba7f4804 by Gregory Nagy

Client.conf file KVM section added. pip8 formated pip8 formated fixed bug and pip formated
parent 2c5ae1f7
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ class Client:
hostname.reverse() = "circle." + ".".join(hostname)
self.server_address = str(os.getenv("GRAPHITE_SERVER_ADDRESS"))
self.server_port = int(os.getenv("GRAPHITE_SERVER_PORT"))
self.server_port = int(os.getenv("GRAPHITE_SERVER_PORT").__str__())
self.debugMode = config["debugMode"]
self.amqp_user = str(os.getenv("GRAPHITE_AMQP_USER"))
self.amqp_pass = str(os.getenv("GRAPHITE_AMQP_PASSWORD"))
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