Commit 4244ecda by Guba Sándor

use common secret_key instead of graphite

parent c4c72f1b
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ export GRAPHITE_AMQP_USER='{{ pillar['graphite']['user'] }}'
export GRAPHITE_AMQP_PASSWORD='{{ pillar['graphite']['password'] }}'
export GRAPHITE_AMQP_QUEUE='{{ pillar['graphite']['queue'] }}'
export GRAPHITE_AMQP_VHOST='{{ pillar['graphite']['vhost'] }}'
export SECRET_KEY='{{ pillar['graphite']['secret_key'] }}'
export SECRET_KEY='{{ pillar['secret_key'] }}'
export PROXY_SECRET='{{ pillar['proxy_secret'] }}'
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