Commit cedf8f74 by Czémán Arnold

Add an installer script

parent ef9b6756
if [ "$EUID" -ne 0 ]; then
NC='\033[0m' # No Color
echo -e $RED_UNDERLINED"Please run as root or use sudo!"$NC
FULLPATH=$(readlink -m $0)
pip install -r $PREFIX/requirements.txt
python $PREFIX/
import salt.client
from salt import config
from salt.log.setup import setup_console_logger
from os.path import join, abspath, dirname
from netifaces import ifaddresses, gateways, AF_INET
from netaddr import IPNetwork
import socket
import yaml
import random
import os
import getpass
from halo import Halo
PREFIX = dirname(__file__)
def get_timezone():
localtime = '/etc/localtime'
zonefile = abspath(os.readlink(localtime))
zone_parts = zonefile.split('/')
return join(zone_parts[-2], zone_parts[-1])
except Exception:
return 'Europe/Budapest'
def get_gateway():
return gateways()['default'][AF_INET]
def get_default_gw():
return get_gateway()[0]
def get_interface():
return get_gateway()[1]
def get_ip_with_mask(intf):
ip = ifaddresses(intf)[AF_INET][0]
return str(IPNetwork(join(ip['addr'], ip['netmask'])))
def get_hostname():
return str(socket.gethostname().split('.')[0])
def print_warning(text):
RED_UNDERLINED = '\033[4;31m'
NC = '\033[0m' # No Color
print(RED_UNDERLINED + text + NC)
def input_password_with_retype():
pw = getpass.getpass("Enter admin password:")
if len(pw) == 0:
print_warning('Please enter a non-empty password!')
return ('', False)
pw2 = getpass.getpass("Retype password:")
status = pw == pw2
if not status:
print_warning('The passwords are different.')
return (pw, status)
def input_admin_password():
pw, status = input_password_with_retype()
while not status:
pw, status = input_password_with_retype()
return pw.encode('utf8')
def yaml_pretty_dump(data, file, **extra):
yaml.dump(data, file, encoding='utf-8', default_flow_style=False, **extra)
def dump_errors(result):
# Filter errors only
for key, data in result.iteritems():
if not data['result']:
del result[key]
with open(join(PREFIX, 'errors.yml'), 'w') as f:
yaml_pretty_dump(result, f)
class KeyStore:
""" Loads, stores, generates, and saves secret keys """
def __init__(self, keyfile):
self.keyfile = keyfile = {}
with open(keyfile) as f: = yaml.safe_load(f)
except Exception:
def gen_key(self, length):
s = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz01234567890ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"
return "".join(random.sample(s, length))
def get_key(self, name):
key =
if key is None:
key = self.gen_key(16)[name] = key
return key
def save(self):
with open(self.keyfile, 'w') as f:
yaml.dump(, f)
KEYFILE = join(PREFIX, '.circlekeys')
ks = KeyStore(KEYFILE)
installer_sls = {
'user': 'cloud',
'proxy_secret': ks.get_key('proxy_secret'),
'secret_key': ks.get_key('secret_key'),
'timezone': get_timezone(),
'deployment_type': 'production',
'admin_user': 'admin',
'admin_pass': input_admin_password(),
'database': {
'name': 'circle',
'user': 'circle',
'password': ks.get_key('database_password'),
'amqp': {
'user': 'cloud',
'password': ks.get_key('amqp_password'),
'host': '',
'port': 5672,
'vhost': 'circle',
'graphite': {
'user': 'monitor',
'password': ks.get_key('graphite_password'),
'host': '',
'port': 5672,
'vhost': 'monitor',
'queue': 'monitor',
'secret_key': ks.get_key('graphite_secret_key'),
'cache': 'pylibmc://',
'nfs': {
'enabled': True,
'server': '',
'network': '',
'directory': '/datastore',
'storagedriver': {
'queue_name': get_hostname(),
'fwdriver': {
'gateway': get_default_gw().encode('utf-8'),
'external_if': get_interface().encode('utf-8'),
'external_net': get_ip_with_mask(get_interface()).encode('utf-8'),
'queue_name': get_hostname(),
'management_if': 'ethy',
'trunk_if': 'linkb',
} # Save secret keys
# Make installer.sls
INSTALLERT_SLS = join(PREFIX, 'pillar/installer.sls')
with open(INSTALLERT_SLS, 'w') as f:
yaml_pretty_dump(installer_sls, f)
# NOTE: default logfile is '/var/log/salt/minion'
opts = config.minion_config('')
opts['file_client'] = 'local'
# NOTE: False will cause salt to only display output
# for states that failed or states that have changes
opts['state_verbose'] = False
opts['file_roots'] = {'base': [join(PREFIX, 'salt')]}
opts['pillar_roots'] = {'base': [join(PREFIX, 'pillar')]}
caller = salt.client.Caller(mopts=opts)
# Run install with salt
with Halo(text='Installing', spinner='dots'):
result = caller.function('state.sls', 'allinone', with_grains=True)
# Count errors and print to console
error_num = 0
for key, data in result.iteritems():
if not data['result']:
print('Error in state: %s' % key)
error_num += 1
if error_num == 0:
print('Succesfully installed!')
print_warning('%i error occured during install!' % error_num)
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