Commit d3c0d816 by Czémán Arnold

vmdriver: fix vmdriver.te security module for kvm

parent 83767149
module vmdriver 1.0;
module vmdriver 1.1;
require {
type virt_var_lib_t;
type svirt_tcg_t;
type svirt_t;
type default_t;
class sock_file { create unlink };
class dir { write remove_name add_name };
class lnk_file read;
#============= svirt_tcg_t ==============
allow svirt_tcg_t virt_var_lib_t:dir { write remove_name add_name };
allow svirt_tcg_t virt_var_lib_t:sock_file { create unlink };
#============= svirt_t ==============
allow svirt_t virt_var_lib_t:dir { write add_name };
allow svirt_t virt_var_lib_t:sock_file create;
allow svirt_t default_t:lnk_file read;
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