Commit 2b6c6fe1 by Czémán Arnold

storagedriver: Rework garbage collector logic

* remove move_to_trash()
* remove recover_from_trash()
* add exits() which say an image exists
* rework make_free_space()
parent 7b358f8c
from disk import Disk
from storagecelery import celery
from os import path, unlink, statvfs, listdir, mkdir
from shutil import move
import os
from os import path, unlink, statvfs, listdir
from celery.contrib.abortable import AbortableTask
import logging
......@@ -89,52 +89,24 @@ def get_storage_stat(path):
def move_to_trash(datastore, disk_name):
''' Move path to the trash directory.
trash_path = path.join(datastore, trash_directory)
disk_path = path.join(datastore, disk_name)
if not path.isdir(trash_path):
# TODO: trash dir configurable?
move(disk_path, trash_path)
def exists(path, disk_name):
return os.path.exists(os.path.join(path, disk_name))
def recover_from_trash(datastore, disk_name):
''' Recover named disk from the trash directory.
if path.exists(path.join(datastore, disk_name)):
return False
disk_path = path.join(datastore, trash_directory, disk_name)
# TODO: trash dir configurable?
move(disk_path, datastore)
return True
def make_free_space(datastore, percent=10):
def make_free_space(path, deletable_disks, percent=10):
''' Check for free space on datastore.
If free space is less than the given percent
removes oldest files to satisfy the given requirement.
trash_path = path.join(datastore, trash_directory)
def comp(filename):
return path.getctime(path.join(trash_path, filename))
except OSError:
return 0
files = sorted(listdir(trash_path), key=comp)"Free space on datastore: %s" %
while get_storage_stat(trash_path).get('free_percent') < percent:
while get_storage_stat(path).get('free_percent') < percent:
f = files.pop(0)
unlink(path.join(trash_path, f))
f = deletable_disks.pop(0)
unlink(os.path.join(path, f))'Image: %s removed.' % f)
except IndexError:
raise Exception("Trash folder is empty.")
raise Exception("There is not deletable disk.")
return True
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