Commit 87eb14ec by Kálmán Viktor

fix get_driver_version

parent 043d25e4
......@@ -641,13 +641,13 @@ def get_driver_version():
from git import Repo
repo = Repo(path=os.getcwd())
lc = repo.log()[0]
return {'branch': repo.active_branch,
'commit': lc.id_abbrev,
lc = repo.head.commit
return {'branch':,
'commit': lc.hexsha,
'commit_text': lc.summary,
'is_dirty': repo.is_dirty}
logging.exception("Unhandled exception: ")
'is_dirty': repo.is_dirty()}
except Exception as e:
logging.exception("Unhandled exception: %s", e)
return None
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