Commit a7537840 by Bach Dániel

fix VMNetwork.build_xml()

parent 826959cd
......@@ -275,7 +275,7 @@ class VMNetwork:
xml_top = ET.Element('interface', attrib={'type': self.network_type})
if self.vlan > 0 and self.network_type == "bridge":
xml_vlan = ET.SubElement(xml_top, 'vlan')
ET.SubElement(xml_vlan, 'tag', attrib={'id': self.vlan})
ET.SubElement(xml_vlan, 'tag', attrib={'id': str(self.vlan)})
if self.network_type == "bridge":
ET.SubElement(xml_top, 'source', attrib={'bridge': self.bridge})
if self.network_type == "ethernet":
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