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Fix ci error

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......@@ -14,6 +14,6 @@ test:
- pip install pipenv
- pipenv install -d
- mv
- source
- pipenv run source
- cd recircle
- pipenv run python test
# This file sets the environment variables in bare metal or
# Virtual machine deployment
# If you prefer deploy with docker, than use the .env file instead this
export DJANGO_SECRET = "very very secret key"
export DJANGO_SECRET="very very secret key"
# settings.local for development and testing
# settings.production for production deployment
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE="myproject.settings.local"
# If using other database than sqlite3 (only use sqlite for development!)
# Provide the db credentials here
export DATABASE_PASSWORD="database_password"
export DATABASE_USER="user"
export DATABASE_NAME="user"
export DATABASE_HOST="hostname_of_batabase"
# For channels communication and periodic tasks we need a redis server
export REDIS_HOST="redis_host"
# OpenStack credentials
# In development we recommend using a DevStack installation
# These settings displayed in an admin dashboard or
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