Commit c6dbc880 by Czémán Arnold

Merge branch 'issue_23' into 'master'

freebsd: fix filelist in cleanup method

See merge request !11
parents 451e5a07 eb5760a0
...@@ -200,19 +200,19 @@ class Context(BaseContext): ...@@ -200,19 +200,19 @@ class Context(BaseContext):
@staticmethod @staticmethod
def cleanup(): def cleanup():
filelist = ([ filelist = ([
'/root/.bash_history' '/root/.bash_history',
'/home/cloud/.bash_history' '/home/cloud/.bash_history',
'/root/.ssh' '/root/.ssh',
'/home/cloud/.ssh' '/home/cloud/.ssh',
'/root/.lesshst' '/root/.lesshst',
'/home/cloud/.lesshst' '/home/cloud/.lesshst',
'/root/.history' '/root/.history',
'/home/cloud/.history' '/home/cloud/.history',
'/root/.viminfo' '/root/.viminfo',
'/home/cloud/.viminfo' '/home/cloud/.viminfo',
'/etc/nsmb.conf' '/etc/nsmb.conf',
'/root/.nsmbrc.conf' '/root/.nsmbrc.conf',
'/home/cloud/.nsmbrc.conf' '/home/cloud/.nsmbrc.conf',
] ]
+ glob('/etc/ssh/ssh_host_*')) + glob('/etc/ssh/ssh_host_*'))
for f in filelist: for f in filelist:
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