Commit 1cb28964 by Máhonfai Bálint

Remove unused exception

parent fb4f60b6
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......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ from common.models import HumanReadableObject, create_readable, Encoder
from vm.models.instance import ACCESS_METHODS
from .store_api import Store, NoStoreException, NotOkException, Timeout
from .store_api import Store, NoStoreException, NotOkException
from .validators import connect_command_template_validator
logger = getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -351,6 +351,7 @@ if hasattr(settings, 'SAML_ORG_ID_ATTRIBUTE'):
logger.debug("Register save_org_id to djangosaml2 pre_user_save")
from djangosaml2.signals import pre_user_save
def save_org_id(sender, instance, attributes, **kwargs):
logger.debug("save_org_id called by %s", instance.username)
atr = settings.SAML_ORG_ID_ATTRIBUTE
......@@ -403,6 +404,7 @@ if hasattr(settings, 'SAML_ORG_ID_ATTRIBUTE'):
return False # User did not change
......@@ -415,7 +417,7 @@ def update_store_profile(sender, **kwargs):
except NoStoreException:
logger.debug("Store is not available.")
except (NotOkException, Timeout):
except NotOkException:
logger.critical("Store is not accepting connections.")
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