Commit 2c4472cf by Kálmán Viktor

Merge branch 'issue-450' into 'master'

Fix vm state changed to XY on None message

Closes #450

See merge request !372
parents f167d598 1ea56dfd
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......@@ -447,12 +447,17 @@ class Instance(AclBase, VirtualMachineDescModel, StatusModel, OperatedMixin,
if new_node is False: # None would be a valid value
new_node = self.node
# log state change
if new_node:
msg = ugettext_noop("vm state changed to %(state)s on %(node)s")
msg = ugettext_noop("vm state changed to %(state)s")
act = InstanceActivity.create(
ugettext_noop("vm state changed to %(state)s on %(node)s"),
state=new_state, node=new_node),
readable_name=create_readable(msg, state=new_state,
except ActivityInProgressError:
pass # discard state change if another activity is in progress.
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