Commit 2eac5bff by Őry Máté

common: refactor get_user_text and get_admin_text

parent a7e9781e
......@@ -444,24 +444,27 @@ class HumanReadableObject(object):
def from_dict(cls, d):
return None if d is None else cls(**d)
def get_admin_text(self):
if self.admin_text_template == "":
def _get_parsed_text(self, key):
value = getattr(self, key)
if value == "":
return ""
return _(self.admin_text_template) % self.params
return _(value) % self.params
except KeyError:
logger.exception("Can't render %s '%s' %% %s",
key, value, unicode(self.params))
def get_admin_text(self):
return self._get_parsed_text("admin_text_template")
except KeyError:
logger.exception("Can't render admin_text_template '%s' %% %s",
self.admin_text_template, unicode(self.params))
return self.get_user_text()
def get_user_text(self):
if self.user_text_template == "":
return ""
return _(self.user_text_template) % self.params
return self._get_parsed_text("user_text_template")
except KeyError:
logger.exception("Can't render user_text_template '%s' %% %s",
self.user_text_template, unicode(self.params))
return self.user_text_template
def get_text(self, user):
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