Commit 542dc4c7 by Kálmán Viktor

dashboard: add disk activity to fixtures

parent 9f1c4d56
......@@ -43,6 +43,23 @@
"pk": 1,
"model": "storage.diskactivity",
"activity_code": "storage.Disk.create",
"succeeded": true,
"parent": null,
"created": "2014-03-18T15:44:37.671Z",
"started": "2014-03-18T15:44:37.671Z",
"finished": "2014-03-18T15:44:37.677Z",
"modified": "2014-03-18T15:44:37.679Z",
"task_uuid": null,
"user": 1,
"disk": 1,
"pk": 1,
"model": "auth.permission",
"fields": {
"codename": "add_permission",
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