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added rabbitmq setup

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......@@ -84,7 +84,34 @@ Allow sending it in your **local** ssh configuration::
# Content of ~/.ssh/config:
Host *
SendEnv GIT_*
Conigure RabbitMQ
Delete guest user::
$ sudo rabbitmqctl delete_user guest
Make a new virtual host to the AMQP server::
$ sudo rabbitmqctl add_vhost circle
Create new user with a password::
$ sudo rabbitmqctl add_user cloud password
Set permission of the new user on the virtual host::
$ rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p circle cloud '.*' '.*' '.*'
.. note::
You can check the result with this command::
$ rabbitmqctl list_permissions -p django
Sample result::
$ Listing permissions in vhost "circle" ...
$ cloud .* .* .*
$ ...done.
Setting up Circle itself
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