Commit 5ae35aa2 by Guba Sándor

operations: Added ShutdownOperation precondition.

SaveAsTemplateOperation optimistic shutdown.
parent aea984d1
...@@ -202,8 +202,12 @@ class SaveAsTemplateOperation(InstanceOperation): ...@@ -202,8 +202,12 @@ class SaveAsTemplateOperation(InstanceOperation):
def _operation(self, activity, name, user, system, timeout=300, def _operation(self, activity, name, user, system, timeout=300,
with_shutdown=True, **kwargs): with_shutdown=True, **kwargs):
if with_shutdown: if with_shutdown:
ShutdownOperation(self.instance).call(parent_activity=activity, try:
user=user) ShutdownOperation(self.instance).call(parent_activity=activity,
except Instance.WrongStateError:
# prepare parameters # prepare parameters
params = { params = {
'access_method': self.instance.access_method, 'access_method': self.instance.access_method,
...@@ -260,6 +264,11 @@ class ShutdownOperation(InstanceOperation): ...@@ -260,6 +264,11 @@ class ShutdownOperation(InstanceOperation):
name = _("shutdown") name = _("shutdown")
description = _("Shutdown virtual machine with ACPI signal.") description = _("Shutdown virtual machine with ACPI signal.")
def check_precond(self):
super(ShutdownOperation, self).check_precond()
if self.instance.status not in ['RUNNING']:
raise self.instance.WrongStateError(self.instance)
def on_abort(self, activity, error): def on_abort(self, activity, error):
if isinstance(error, TimeLimitExceeded): if isinstance(error, TimeLimitExceeded):
activity.resultant_state = None activity.resultant_state = None
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