Commit 68c29b23 by Őry Máté

vm: fail renew if it shortens expiration

unless forced
parent cea1b5f4
......@@ -902,16 +902,18 @@ class LeaseForm(forms.ModelForm):
class VmRenewForm(forms.Form):
force = forms.BooleanField(required=False, label=_(
"Set expiration times even if they are shorter than "
"the current value."))
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
choices = kwargs.pop('choices')
default = kwargs.pop('default')
super(VmRenewForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.fields['lease'] = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset=choices,
self.fields.insert(0, 'lease', forms.ModelChoiceField(
queryset=choices, initial=default, required=False,
empty_label=None, label=_('Length')))
if len(choices) < 2:
self.fields['lease'].widget = HiddenInput()
......@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ from sizefield.utils import filesizeformat
from celery.exceptions import TimeLimitExceeded
from common.models import create_readable, humanize_exception
from common.models import (
create_readable, humanize_exception, HumanReadableException
from common.operations import Operation, register_operation
from .tasks.local_tasks import (
abortable_async_instance_operation, abortable_async_node_operation,
......@@ -716,10 +718,24 @@ class RenewOperation(InstanceOperation):
required_perms = ()
concurrency_check = False
def _operation(self, lease=None):
self.instance.time_of_delete) = self.instance.get_renew_times(lease)
def _operation(self, activity, lease=None, force=False):
suspend, delete = self.instance.get_renew_times(lease)
if (not force and suspend and self.instance.time_of_suspend and
suspend < self.instance.time_of_suspend):
raise HumanReadableException.create(ugettext_noop(
"Renewing the machine with the selected lease would result "
"in its suspension time get earlier than before."))
if (not force and delete and self.instance.time_of_delete and
delete < self.instance.time_of_delete):
raise HumanReadableException.create(ugettext_noop(
"Renewing the machine with the selected lease would result "
"in its delete time get earlier than before."))
self.instance.time_of_suspend = suspend
self.instance.time_of_delete = delete
activity.result = create_readable(ugettext_noop(
"Renewed to suspend at %(suspend)s and destroy at %(delete)s."),
suspend=suspend, delete=delete)
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